Orchard Kennels & Cattery

Rousso enjoying a game of fetch!

Welcome to Orchard Kennels......



Below are some pictures of the kennels & exercise areas. Each kennel has its own outside covered run. All dogs get let out in the exercise areas 3 times a day. Last let out is between 8 & 9pm. Dogs are let out separately unless they are sharing with another dog/dogs from the same household. We use treats to move dogs between their kennel and the exercise areas, unless they aren't food orientated, then we use a lead. We generally feed twice a day unless specifically requested. All dogs are treated individually. We use heatlamps in each kennel in the winter (£1 extra charge a day). These are generally used from late September through until late April (weather dependant)

Well maintained housing



Beautiful grounds

Open all seasons


Rousso the Doberman who is a weekly regular relaxing in the grass exercise area.


Kennel Kitchen


Spacious paddocks

Dogs exercised daily


A regular Westie having a nose around!

This gorgeous pair getting excited about a run in the paddocks.

The kennels kitchen

The middle kennel block corridor with flat screen TVs to make your dog feel at home

Gino on his holidays with us in his indoor kennel, with a heat lamp for the cooler months

Ruby & Lily having a sniff around

Orchard Kennels 2010

Mark & Joanna Phillips