Prices are charged on a daily rate from 1st Sept 2022.


Large dogs: £16.00 a day

Medium dogs: £15.00 a day

Small dogs: £14.00 a day

HEATING is £2 a day EXTRA.

There is a £4 discount for 2 dogs sharing the same kennel i.e.. 2 Medium dogs sharing will cost £26 a day.

Dogs are fed on a chicken & rice (wheat, gluten-free & dairy free) complete meal and a bit of tinned tripe or chappie.


Cats: £9 per day

HEATING is included in price for cats

There is  £1 per cat discount for cats sharing a pen.

Cats are fed on Whiskers tinned meat and  Go Cat Crunchy and Tender or Whiskers dry complete biscuits.

Customer's provision of own diets and medication are welcome